Serving as a platform for communication, education, exchange of knowledge and experience, M.A.P. Festival - an acronym for music, art and performance - combines different forms of theatre to help audiences explore a wide range of contemporary theatrical forms. The second edition hosts an ambitious agenda informed by the artistic director of the project, Kamran Shahmardan, and his concept of ‘theatre without borders’. Shahmardan proposes a festival that erases borders, connects cultures and unites people through the arts. By erasing the boundaries between different theatrical forms, festival showcase a broad palette of media used in contemporary theatre, from street performances to opera and ballet, audiovisual productions and clownery.

A rich programme of workshops and lectures accompanies the performances, enabling emerging directors, actors, playwrights and other professionals to meet and learn from their fellow colleagues.

The festival continually expands its geographical focus, and this year presents 16 performances by theatre companies from Denmark, Estonia, Germany, Iran, Italy, Japan, Switzerland, Russia and the United Kingdom.

YARAT is partnering with all major theatre venues in Baku, including the Azerbaijan State Academic National Drama Theatre, the Azerbaijan State Academic Opera and Ballet Theatre, the Azerbaijan State Russian Drama Theatre, the Azerbaijan State Musical Theatre, the Azerbaijan State Theatre of Young Spectators, the Azerbaijan State Puppet Theatre, ÜNS Creative Stage and Baku Convention Center.